Sunday, January 17, 2010

Look what I got!

I won this Wacom Bamboo Medium on Newgrounds. I participated in a simple competitions and I won. The Wacom Bamboo is much better then I expected. Much better then my Graphire 4 that is! It has a mouse, extra pentips, a pen holder and this cool swirly thing that lets you zoom in and out. Same as an Ipod, but now it glows all blue! Huray! Here's a picture:

Newgrounds is a great place to post your work, you'll always get at least a few thousend views the first two days, and a lot of comments. Also, you get extra views on your website or blog by people who are interested in the rest of your work. Sure Newgrounds contains a lot of crappy stuff too, but that's all the same on Youtube/Vimeo/Blogspot and pretty much any place on the internet.

Oh and check out the Coloring Page Maker i created too, it has music and all that stuff now as well.
Click on the picture.

Long post, I know, but this week was also the week in which my 250th comic was published in the paper. I won't bother scanning in the paper since it is in Dutch and all that. But here's comic nr. 250 translated in English, just for you!


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